The world-renowned Brunswick Ballmaster Open was conducted for the 54th time in the beautiful Tali Bowling Centre in Helsinki, Finland from the 4th of January until the 14th of January. Total of 1099 entries and re-entries were bowled during the duration of the tournament by 506 players, where of 103 were women.


After three final steps it came down to two semi final matches.


First it was Luukas Väänänen from Finland against Jesse Kallio also from Finland for a spot in the final. Kallio defeated Väänänen with the score of 218 against 214.


In the second semi final it was James Blomgren from Sweden against Niko Oksanen from Finland for the second final spot. Oksanen defeated Blomgren with the score of 204 against 181.


In the all Finish final it was Kallio that managed to come out on top with the score of 222 against Oksanen‘s score of 212. This was Kallio‘s first european tour title, congratulations Jesse Kallio.


The highest ranked woman in the tournament was Cherie Tan from Singapore who finished in 11th place.


The complete ranking after the first tournament can be seen here: Women | Men