Bid procedure for championships

Available documents supporting the Bid Procedure
Championship Application
Championship Agreement
Championship Inspections

Applications to host one of EBF’s championships can be submitted by member federations, bowling centres, public organizations or private companies.

If the right to host a championship is awarded to any other entity than a federation, the relevant federation must approve the selected host and motivate an eventual objection.

How often?
The EBF Secretary General will, for relevant championships, where no hosts have been appointed yet, initiate bid rounds in January, April, June and October.

For how many years ahead of time can you bid?
In 2019 you can bid for not awarded championships in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
In 2020 you can bid for not awarded championships in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

What is open for bids?
At the moment hosts are appointed for all available championships.
In January 2019 we will open for bids for the ESC 2022, the EYC 2022, the EWC 2022 and the ECC 2022.

Bid Procedure Step 1
If your federation or your organization want to bid for the hosting right of one of EBF’s Championships, you must fill in the Championship Application and send the document to the EBF Secretary General Natasa Pirc Musar at

Bid Procedure Step 2
After the deadline for bids is passed, the EBF Presidium will study applications received and select the hosts.

Bid Procedure Step 3
When a host is selected, the Championship Agreement will be send to the host for signing.

Bid Procedure Step 4
9-12 months prior to the conduction of a championship, the organization, the centre and all selected official hotels will be inspected by EBF’s Championship Staff, which consists of the Championship Director, the Technical Delegate and the IT Delegate.

The document “Championship Inspections” will be used by EBF’s staff during the inspection.