The Bowl for Fun Open was held in Langen, Germany from the 8th of May until the 19th of May in the Bowl for Fun bowling centre. Total of 507 entries and re-entries were bowled during the duration of the tournament by 183 players, where of 29 were women.

After the first three final steps it came down to a 4 player stepladder. The four players making the stepladder were Teodor Samuelsson from Sweden, Niclas Sörensen from Denmark, Mike Bergmann from the Netherlands and Emanuel Jonsson from Sweden.

In the first match Bergmann won against Jonsson with the score of 228 to 222.

In the second match Sörensen won against Bergmann with the score of 264 to 258.

And in the final match it was the Teodor Samuelsson show, he started with the front 10 strikes but did not manage to finish with a 300 but instead shot a 287 to Sörensen‘s score of 188.

This is Samuelsson‘s first win on the European Tour, congratulations Teodor!

Misaki Bolleby, Japan was the highest ranked woman, she finished in 26th place.


The complete ranking after the fourth tournament can be seen here: Women | Men (Will be updated ASAP with points from Langen and Aalborg)