The EBT Director has made the decission to introduce exemption from the EBT Rules for the BOWL for Fun Open in Langen, Germany, Allowing unique and diverse style of play.


There will be a mixed kind of bowling in the qualification stages, both conventional dual lane style and 18 athletes will qualify for the final stagest from that, then there will be single lane competition = single athlete pr lane playing 6 games and has to finish within certain time.   There will also be 18 athletes qualifying for the final step 1 from that part, then in addition are 18 athletes more qualifying from various other ways, Early Bird, Desperato, High-Low and more.  In total there will be 54 athletes qualified for final step 1.


Then the final step 1 will also played as single lane competition and 3 games have to be finalized within certain time limits, as before when the time limits ends then athletes if not finished have to stop and all frames left will be getting 0.  –  Final step 1 is 3 games and the time for the 3 games are 45 minutes – I think all can agree that this should not be difficult task!


Final step 2 and those followoing will be played as traditional dual lane competition.


For our parts – it will be insteresting to see how scoring pace and not least timing will go, there are number of people in our community that have some doubts if bowling is on the right path, i.a.  the „purple“ domination is getting over our heads, and slow bowling as well.

If you can work the lane pattern then you can do the single lane competion as yours, and you can go all the way into top 27 without worrying of getting hurt by play on the same lane as any other damaging „your line“.


Please see all details of BOWL for Fun Open here