The 2024 Youth World Cup was conducted in the fantastic SEEN Bowling Center in Lima – Peru, from January 19th – 27th  2024. The championship organization was well orchestrated by the Peru Bowling

In the Boy’s division, the battle for the Gold medal ended between Swedish ROBIN ILHAMMAR and Germany’s ZENO JANSSEN, with ROBIN ILHAMMAR taking the title 2-0 (300-225 and 233-194).

In the third place – Bronze medal, LUKAS JELINEK from the Czech Republic defeated MEGAT ZAQRUL MSIQA from Malaysia 2-0 (224-223 and 196-192).


In the Girl’s division, the battle for the Gold medal ended between ELENA WEINSTOK, Costa Rica, and JENNA STRETCH, USA with ELENA WEINSTOK taking the title 2-0 (213-188 and 213-185).

In the third place – Bronze medal, SARA DUQUE from the COLOMBIA defeated NING TAY from SINGAPORE 2-0 (210-207 and 225-212).


Besides the always fantastic atmosphere in a youth event, the championships will be remembered for their attendance by a lot of talented young athletes, promising a very interesting future

World Bowling has officially changed its name to the International Bowling Federation (IBF) and has vowed to properly act as the sport’s global governing body.

The decision was made at the organization’s Extraordinary Congress, which was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on the 2nd of November 2020.

The official headquarters of the IBF will continue to be based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Out of the 114 member federations, only 6 NEVER responded. 106 federations were in FAVOUR of the new statutes, 1 federation was AGAINST and 1 federation ABSTAINED.

The rebranding is expected to mark the first of many changes by their chief executive officer Andrew Oram who came on board in October last year.