As a consequence of a sponsorship agreement, Stop 11 of the European Bowling Tour 2018 is changed from the Lucky Larsen Masters to the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters.

The tournament will unchanged be conducted on 25 August to 9 September 2018 in Baltiska Bowlinghallen, situated in Malmoe – Sweden.

The organizer also announces changes in the format as follows:

The number of qualified athletes to final steps has been increased from 44 to 60.

The Desperado Squad has been exchanged by a triple Turbo Competition with one athlete, not qualified in any other way to the final steps, from each of the games 4, 5 or 6. All qualification squads are included, free of charge, in the three Turbo Competitions.

Athletes positioned 1-8 in the general standing are qualified directly for the final step 3, athletes positioned 9-33 directly for the final step 2, while 27 athletes are starting in step 1.

27 athletes are playing 4 games in step 1, starting from scratch. Top 11 continues.

36 athletes are playing 4 games in step 2, starting from scratch. Top 16 continues.

24 athletes are playing 8 games in step 3, starting from scratch. Top 4 continues.

The tournament is unchanged concluded by a 4 person’s stepladder final, playing three one game matches.

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