The EBF Congress 2023 was held in Hotel Am Borsigurm, in Berlin, Germany on the 22 October 2023

Delegates from 23 EBF federations were present.

During the presentation of the Annual Report for 2021-2022 EBF Presidium introduced Gender Equality committe that was set up in 2021 and has been working on Gender Quality issues, EBF Presidium also introduced 2 new committees that should be set up during the next very few months; Hall of Fame/awards committee and Athletes committe.

EBF Tournament approval fees will be raised from 100 EUR to 200 EUR (had not been changed since 2015)

The articles for Awards were moved from the contitution, to (new) chapter 9 within the EBF rules, as it is expected to have some new awards presented in 2024.

Grand Seniors (+65) will get their EBF championships – was sent to the Tournament committee to present to Presidium a proposal to implement the new category into the Championship programs.

A Working Group will be established to look into the EBF constitution and propose amendments to the articles.


Mr Addie Ophelders, was introduced as new Honorary EBF President, but he retired earlier in the year due to health issues.  Addie had been President of EBF from 1989 or in 34 years.


Mr. Valgeir Gudbjartsson, Iceland was elected President for 2 years.

Mr Marios Nicolaides, Cyprus was elected Vice-President for 4 years

Mr. Marc Beaufays from Belgium was re-elected into the Presidium for 4 years and Mrs Lisa John, England was elected into the Presdium for 4 years.