The Storm Lucky Larsen Masters was conducted for the second time in Malmoe’s Baltiska Bowlinghallen as the 10th stop in the European Bowling Tour 2018.

Last year the tournament opened with a firework of not less than 1.087 bowled entries, and this great number was almost copied in the 2018 issue of the tournament, where 1.058 entries were bowled in Malmoe.

The format of the tournament offered 60 spots for the final steps, of which 27 joined Step 1 to play 4 games starting from scratch on Sunday 9 September in Baltiska.

Top 11 from Step 1 was in Step 2 joined by athletes positioned 9-33 from the qualification, forming a field of 36 athletes playing 4 games starting from scratch.

Top 16 from Step 2 was in Step 3 joined by athletes positioned 1-8 from the qualification, forming a field of 24 athletes playing 8 games starting from scratch.

The following four athletes continued to three one game stepladder matches:
Jason Belmonte, Australia: 1916
Kyle Troup, USA: 1810
Bill O’Neill, USA: 1800
Chris Sloan, Ireland: 1776

Match 1
234: Bill O’Neill, USA, USA

236: Chris Sloan, Ireland

Match 2
235: Kyle Troup, USA

187: Chris Sloan, Ireland

Match 3
232: Jason Belmonte, Australia

248: Kyle Troup, USA

Sandra Gongora from Mexico became the highest ranked women in a tour stop for the first time in her career from position 20 in the tournament and also Kyle Troup became the highest ranked man for the first time in his career.

Jenny Wegner from Sweden is leading the women’s division of the tour with 719 points in front of Ghislaine Sigter van der Tol from The Netherlands at position 2 with 580 points and Mai Ginge Jensen from Denmark at position 3 with 556 points.

Anthony Simonsen from USA is leading the men’s division of the tour with 594 points in front of Jesper Svensson from Sweden with 537 points at position 2 and Thomas Larsen from Denmark with 439 points at position 3.

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