The European Bowling Tour is running in its 20th season, and in just as many occasions the famous Brunswick Ballmaster Open has been adopted in the tour; something no other tournament in the tour can match.

This year’s issue of the tournament was as always bowled in the spectacular Tali Bowl in Helsinki, where a total of not less than 538 athletes (436 men and 102 women) took part.

The number of athletes is the second highest number ever taking part in a tour stop, only passed by the 550 athletes, which entered Brunswick Ballmaster Open in 2018.

36 of these athletes continued to the first step of the final, which were athletes positioned 13-40 from the general standing, top 3 from a separate standing of Squad 1-8, top 2 from a separate standing of Squad 9-10 and top 3 from the Desperado Squad. The 36 athletes played 6 games starting from scratch Saturday night.

Step 2 of the final included athletes positioned 1-12 from the general standing combined with top 24 from step 1. The 36 athletes played 8 games Sunday morning starting from scratch.

Top 16 from the final step 2 was divided in two groups of 8 athletes, each playing 7 one game Round Robin matches with 30 bonus points for a won match and 15 bonus points for a tied.

Everything were added together: the 8 games in the final step 2 + the 7 Round Robin games + Round Robin bonus + women’s handicap to determine the two best athletes from each group to be qualified for the Semi Finals in the Final step 4 of the tournament.

Group 1: The two highest after 15 games plus various bonuses:
3738: Cherie Tan, Singapore
3595: Petteri Salonen, Finland

Group 2: The two highest after 15 games plus various bonuses:
3661: Joonas Jehkinen, Finland
3645: Jesse Kallio, Finland

Semi Final 1
Cherie Tan, Singapore: 264
Jesse Kallio, Finland: 200

Semi Final 2
Joonas Jehkinen, Finland: 248
Petteri Salonen, Finland: 231

The Final
Cherie Tan, Singapore: 213
Joonas Jehkinen, Finland: 234

Cherie Tan, who was in her second EBT Stop Final in 8 days, became the highest ranked women in a tour stop for the 3rd time in her career, while Jonas Jehkinen became the highest ranked man in a tour stop for the 2nd time in his career.

It was indeed also the second tour stop title for Joonas Jehkinen, since he won his first title at the Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open by Erdinger in 2013.

Cherie Tan from Singapore is leading the women’s division of the tour with 350 points in front of two of her fellow countrywomen, Bernice Lim at position 2 with 250 points and Daphne Tan at position 3 with 225 points.

Kim Bolleby from Thailand is leading the men’s division of the tour with 234 points in front of Jesse Kallio from Finland at position 2 with 220 points and Joonas Jehkinen from Finland at position 3 with 200 points.

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