Arnar David Jonsson from Iceland won his second tour stop ever, when he defeated Nicole Sanders from Netherlands in the final of the Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open by Erdinger.

The tournament, which was conducted in Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring, as the 8th stop in the European Bowling Tour 2019, attracted 233 athletes, that competed for the 48 spots in the final steps on the 21 July.

In Step 5 then following were the 4 players qualified from the earlier steps:

1796:          Arnar David Jonsson, Iceland

1794:          Nicole Sanders, Netherlands

1749:          Oliver Morig, Germany

1723:          Jesper Agerbo, Denmark – winner of the last year’s tournament.

Oliver Morig and Jesper Agerbo were eliminated in stop 5 which ended as follows:

2003:          Arnar David Jonsson, Iceland

1970:          Nicole Sanders, Netherlands

1968:          Jesper Agerbo, Denmark

1950:          Oliver Morig, Germany

And finally, Arnar David Jonson became the winner of the Tournament:

2199:          Arnar David Jonsson, Iceland

2156:          Nicole Sanders, Netherlands


We did not see any changes in the women’s division of the tour as Anna Andersson from Sweden is leading now with 558 points in front of her countrywoman Jenny Wegner with 477 points, Cherie Tan from Singapore is at 3rd place with 475.

In men’s division then we had change in the leader of the tour: Arnar David Jonsson, Iceland is leading the men’s division of the tour with 488 points in front of Adam Andersson from Sweden at position 2 with 451 points and Carsten Hansen from Denmark at position 3 with 375 points.

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