Jenny Wegner and Pontus Andersson, both from Sweden, won the EBT Masters 2018 in the women’s, respectively the men’s division.

The EBT Masters 2018 is the 11th final of a European Bowling Tour.

The competition was held in Dolfijn | The Plays To Be in Tilburg, The Netherlands on 23 April.

The format of the event included 12 qualification games, divided over 3 blocks of 4 games, followed by a 3 person’s stepladder final in each division.

The outcome of the stepladder matches became as follows:

Women Match 1
204: Jenny Wegner, Sweden
202: Maxime de Rooij, The Netherlands

Women Match 2
212: Jenny Wegner, Sweden
202: Sanna Pasanen, Finland

Men Match 1
194: Pontus Andersson, Sweden
165: Jari Ratia, Finland

Men Match 2
232: Pontus Andersson, Sweden
172: Richard Teece, England

It was both for Jenny Wegner and for Pontus Andersson their first EBT Masters title.

Final standing women
1. Jenny Wegner, Sweden
2. Sanna Pasanen, Finland
3. Maxime de Rooij, Netherlands
4. Ida Andersson, Sweden
5. Cajsa Wegner, Sweden
6. Vanessa Timter, Germany
7. Alida Molander, Sweden
8. Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden

Final standing men
1. Pontus Andersson, Sweden
2. Richard Teece, England
3. Jari Ratia, Finland
4. Markus Jansson, Sweden
5. Camron Weier, USA
6. Christopher Sloan, Ireland
7. Daniel Fransson, Sweden
8. Francois Louw, South Africa

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