Bernice Lim, Singapore,  and Jesse Kallio, Finland, won the EBT Masters 2020 in the women’s, respectively the men’s division.


The EBT Masters 2022 is the 14th final of a European Bowling Tour.


The competition was held in Dream-Bowl Palace, Unterföhring, Germany on the 29 June 2022.


The format of the event included 8 qualification games, followed by cut to 4 person’s pr gender that played further 4 games.


The final outcome as follows:



Final standing women

  1. Bernice Lim, Singapore
  2. Cajsa Wegner, Sweden
  3. Jazreel Tan, Singapore
  4. Ida Andersson, Sweden
  5. Anna Andersson, Sweden
  6. Birgit Noreiks, Germany
  7. Mika Guldbaek, Denmark



Final standing men

  1. Jesse Kallio, Finland
  2. Christopher Sloan, Ireland
  3. Carsten W. Hansen, Denmark
  4. Teemu Putkisto, Finland.
  5. Marcus Jansson, Sweden
  6. William Svensson, Sweden
  7. Arnar D. Jónsson, Iceland
  8. Mathias Ankerdal, Denmark