The EBT Masters 2022 – which is the final of the EBT 2020+2021 combined will be held in Dream Bowl, in Unterföhring, Germany on the 29.06.2022


The Athletes battling for the pricemoney are as follows and their place in the ranking, some of the athletes could not attend due to other commitments:


Women´s Division – 7 athletes for 8.500 EUR

Birgit Pöppler, Germany (2)

Bernice Lim, Singapore (3)

Anna Andersson, Sweden (5)

Mika Guldbaek, Denmark (6)

Cajsa Wegner, Sweden (7)

Jazreel Tan, Singapore (9)

Ida Andersson, Sweden (10)


Men´s Division – 8 athletes for 9.000 EUR

William Svensson, Sweden (1)

Christopher Sloan, Ireland (2)

Arnar David Jónsson, Iceland (3)

Markus Jansson, Sweden (4)

Carsten Hansen, Denmark (6)

Teemu Putkistu, Finland (7)

Mathias Ankerdal, Denmark (11)

Jesse Kallio, Finland (15)


Competition starts in Dream Bowl on 29.06 at 09.00 and first are 8 games played and then cut down to 4 of each gender and more 4 games –

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