Denmark became the best nation, when the European Men Championships 2019 were conducted
in Dream Bowl Palace, Unterföhring, Germany on the 10-21 June 2019.

Denmark won 2 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 3 Bronze medals, closely followed by Sweden
that won 2 Gold medals and 2 Bronze medals.

The Danish titles came in the Doubles event by Mik Stampe and Carsten Warming Hansen and
in the All Events by Thomas Larsen.

The Swedish titles came at the end of the championship; in the Team event by Mattias
Wetterberg, Mattias Olsson, Pontus Andersson, William Svensson and Martin Larsen and then in
the Masters event after 2-1 win to William Svensson over Germany´s Frank Drevenstedt; 238
vs 167, 212 vs 213 and 230 vs 160

Italian title came in Trios by Nicola Pongolini, Alessandro Santu and Antonino Fiorentino.

England got finally one title – in singles by Matty Clayton.