During the ETBF Congress in Unterföhring, Germany, in 2019 the member federations decided that:

From 1st January 2021 no coaches will be allowed in the competition area unless they are certified coaches as ETBF Level II coaches or equivalent by one of the national or international programs approved/recognized by ETBF and/or IBF (former World Bowling).

During our future Championships, if your coach is not mentioned in the approved list and/or is not able to provide a certification, then:

– S/he cannot register as a coach and get a medal as a coach

– S/he cannot enter players area during Championships (Including Official Practice)

In order to help our federations, our Educational Committee prepared a list of ETBF Certified coaches who are eligible to enter the players area (Please note the certified L2 and higher graduated coaches in green in your federation page).

If your coach is not mentioned there or certified at a later date, please contact Marios Nicolaidesmn@etbf.eu  and/or Onder Gurkanog@etbf.eu  Please remember that if your coach has an equivalent level – you should provide the certificate to the Championship Committee when you are registering your coach.

Click here to see the list of certificed coaches (ETBF ACADEMY WEB SITE)