The ETBF Congress, which is held every second year, was this time held on 9 June 2019 in Dream Bowl Palace, Unterföhring, where the European Men Championship was conducted from 10-19 June.

About the Congress, we report the following:

Coaches in competition area

From 1st January 2021 no coaches will be allowed in the competition area, unless they are certified coaches as ETBF Level II coaches or equivalent by one of the national or international programs approved/recognized by ETBF and/or World Bowling

Changed name of the ECC

The full name of the ECC was changed to European Championship of Champions

Formats and schedules of the ETBF Championships

The Presidium was given the mandate to come up with a number of choices to shorten the ETBF championships, this work should be done in good time before next ETBF Congress so all ETBF member federations could have time and possibility to study and have their opinions well in time before the next ETBF Congress.


The Vice President’s position of ETBF was vacant after the passing away of Kim Thorsgaard Jensen; Valgeir Gudbjartsson, was elected by acclamation for a 4-years period.

Marios Nicolaides, Presidium Member and Marc Beaufays, were both elected for new 4-years period.

Sergey Lisitsyn, Presidium Member, was elected for a two years period

The ETBF Presidium is from now on composed as follows:

Addie Ophelders, President

Valgeir Gudbjartsson, Vice President

Onder Gurkan, Presidium Member,

Marios Nicolaides, Presidium Member

Marc Beaufays, Presidium Member

Sergey Lisitsyn, Presidium Member


Florian Fister and Jan Edvardsen were re-elected as auditors, and Argyris Logothetis was elected as the substitute auditor.

The next ETBF Congress will be held in conjunction with the European Championship of Champions 2021 in Olomouc, Czech.