As our beloved sport and industry are hit strongly by the pandemic, the ETBF Presidium and Educational committee decided to use this as an opportunity to enhance their educational programs.

The ETBF Academy Development Team will work on our existing coaching programs’ content and structure and will evaluate the options to make it more accessible via online channels. Besides improving our content for Coaching, Lane Maintenance and Ball Drilling programs, our team will work on creating additional online clinics for more advanced and focused content.

An ETBF Level IV Coaching Program will be the core part of our 2021 Development Project, which will provide a very important addition to our Coaching Programs. ETBF Senior Instructor Juha Maja will lead the Level IV Program which is planned to be released in 2022.

Ulf Hämnäs (Norway), Robert Anderson (Sweden), Mark Heathorn (England) and Calvin Murray (Scotland) will join our Development Team with our Educational Team members (Onder Gurkan, Marios Nicolaides, Piritta Maja, Costas Mitsingas and Gediz Ege). Our team will also communicate and work with various coaches and experts during this process.

We are very excited to start creating new contents and updating our programs for our federations.

Best regards with our hopes to come back to normal days …


ETBF – European Tenpin Bowling Federation is the governing body of Tenpin Bowling Federations in European zone. ETBF ACADEMY is European Tenpin Bowling Federation’s education platform that provides Coaching and Technical programs for Federations.