The ETBF Presidium decided at its meeting on 18 and 19 October 2018 in Langen – Germany to merge ETBF’s Education Committee and ETBF’s Technical Committee into one combined committee, hereafter named ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee.

The two committees have already worked closely together for years, since the development over time had created many overlapping tasks and activities.

The many existing and new activities and programs in the merged committee are obviously creating a big workload and also an increased need of coordination. The ETBF Presidium has therefore decided to appoint two co-chairs of the committee.

The one Co-Chairman of ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee is Onder Gurkan, who has chaired the former Education Committee for many years. The other Co-Chairman of the committee is Marios Nicolaides, who have been working as Technical Delegate for ETBF for a number of years and as an active instructor as well.

Both co-chairmen are members of ETBF’s Presidium in addition to their committee duties.

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