ECC 2020 cancelled,

Due to the current Covid-19 virus we are facing, the organizing committee together with ETBF have decided to cancel the ECC 2020. This means, there will be no European Championship of Champions in 2020

We welcome you in Chania, Greece in 2021
As the ECC 2020 organizing committee had prepared to welcome you to Chania then it was agreed between the host of ECC 2020, the host of ECC 2021, the host of ECC 2022 and ETBF, that EYC 2021 will be hosted in Chania, GR, and Czech Republic who were already preparing to host the ECC 2021, will move and host the ECC 2022, and Germany will move as well from 2022 and host the ECC 2023 in Berlin. .

This means that the ECC 2021 will take place in Chania, GR during 25 October to 1 November 2021 and the ECC 2022 will take place in Olomouc, Czech Republic, and finally the ECC 2023 will take place in Berlin, Germany.

We hope all federations, coaches, managers and athletes understand this decision.