European Youth Championships 2022 are now on going in Wittelsheim France.

Single competition finalized on the 9 September 2022


Finalists and medals as follow:

Results from Boys singles:


Robin Ilhammar, SE 204 – Mikolaj Czarnecki, PL  176

Jani Soukka, FI  234 – Robin Noberg, SE  191


Robin Ilhammar, SE  236 – Jani Soukka, FI  202


Bronze goes to Robin Noberg, Sweden and Mikolaj Czarnecki, Poland

Silver goes to Jani Soukka, Finland

Gold goes to Robin Ilhammar, Sweden


Results from the Girls Singles:


Hannah Masterson, IE 155 – Jenny Mathiesen, NO 151

Tiiamari Laukkanen, FI 199 – Lea Tescher, DE  190


Tiiamari Laukkanen, FI 191 – Hannah Masterson, IE 170


Bronze goes to Jenny Mathiesen, Norway and Lea Tischer, Germany

Silver goes to Hannah Masterson, Ireland

Gold goes to Tiiamari Laukkanen, Finland


Further info if needed see results here.