After three final steps it was all down to 4 players, Joakim West from Sweden, Kevin Melin from Sweden, Mathias Otting from Norway and Jesper Svensson from Sweden.


They all played one game and the lowest score was eliminated, after the first game it was Mathias Otting that was eliminated with the score of 178 and a 4th place finish for Mathias.


In the next game, Kevin Melin had the low score of 208 and therefore a 3rd place finish for Kevin.


That meant that in the finals it was Jesper Svensson against Joakim West. In the end it was a win for Jesper with the score of 207 against Joakim‘s 165. This was Jesper‘s 2nd win on the tour this season and his 10th overall title. Congratulations Jesper!


The highest ranked woman in the tournament was Nora Johansson from Sweden, who finished in 8th place overall.


After the tournament the top 8 in the EBT rankings have been confirmed. Emma Halttunen from Sweden was the only change in the women‘s top 8 list.


In the men‘s rankings there were also some changes, with his win in Mora, Jesper Svensson managed to take the final spot in the top 8 with less than 10 points more than Robin Ilhammar from Sweden


The complete ranking can be seen here: Women | Men


Now the EBT2024 will start in about weeks time, first tournament on the tour, The MOTIV AIK Intl. Tournament will start in Stockholm, SE on the 26 December 2023!