The Kegel Aalborg International 2022 was conducted in Lövvang Bowling Center, Aalborg, Denmark during 22-29 May 2022   Total of 334 entries by 133 athletes (where of 38 women) bowled during the week.


After the final step 3 then the following 4 athletes were playing for the gold…


Pool 1: Niko Oksanen, Finland and Carsten W Hansen, Denmark.

Pool 2: Anders Lousdal, Denmark and Kim Bolleby, Sweden.


First Niko Oksanen competed with Anders Louisdal and won 226 vs 223

Next Kim Bolleby competed with Carsten W. Hansen and won 235 vs 232

3rd game was then Anders Lousdal vs Kim Bolleby and won 249 vs 247

And last game was Anders Lousdal vs Niko Oksanen and won 279 vs 201


This was the first EBT title for Anders Lousdal


The highest woman became Misake Mukotani, Japan.


Now the EBT Tour is slowly waking up after Covid-19, Next tournament is postponed Brunswick Euro Challenge in Unterföhring, Germany 25 June – 3 July, and then late August with Odense international and then there will be tournament after tournament for 5 straight weeks


Full ranking for men and women.