The 21st edition of the Mediterranean Bowling Championships was concluded on Saturday 21 April in Rollhouse Bowling, situated in Ankara.

These regional championships, which are conducted annually, are open for member federations with a coast line of the Mediterranean See.

The 10 titles in the championships were distributed as follows:

4 titles in the women’s division
Singles: Lauriane Célié from France
Doubles: Elisa Primavera and Elga di Benedetto from Italy
All Events: Lauriane Célié from France
Masters: Amandine Jacques from France

4 titles in the men’s division
Singles: Justin Caruana Scicluna from Malta
Doubles: Roros Stamatios and Vasileios Stefopoulos from Greece
All Events: Roros Stamatios from Greece
Masters: Quentin Deroo from France

2 titles for mixed groups
Doubles: Martha Karatzoyla and Roros Stamatios from Greece
Team: Lauriane Célié, Amandine Jacques, Quentin Deroo and Thibaut Lanos from France

The following six matches, all bowled over two games total pin fall to count, concluded the championships in Ankara.

Women’s Masters, Semi Final 1:
394 (188+206): Amandine Jacques, France
355 (159+196): Elga di Benedetto, Italy

Women’s Masters, Semi Final 2:
379 (180+199): Lauriane Célié, France
433 (184+249): Sara Xuereb, Malta

Women’s Masters, Final:
412 (227+185): Amandine Jacques, France
367 (199+168): Sara Xuereb, Malta

Men’s Masters, Semi Final 1:
339 (178+161): Vasileios Stefopoulos, Greece
384 (197+187): Tolga Sismanogullar, Turkey

Men’s Masters, Semi Final 2:
494 (227+267): Quentin Deroo, France
347 (168+179): Ruben Orche, Spain

Men’s Masters, Final:
442 (256+186): Quentin Deroo, France
324 (141+183): Tolga Sismanogullar, Turkey

France became the best federation with 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze, Greece became the second best nation with 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze and Malta became the third best nation with 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.

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