The ETBF Presidium has decided to include a new Article 8.5.8 into Chapter 8.5 of the ETBF Constitution, with the primary purpose to ensure higher degrees of specification for tournaments adopted in other series than the EBT, and additionally to ensure a timely correct publication of general rules for each edition of such series.

The changed article, which will be presented for the delegates in the ETBF Congress 2019 for ratification, is as follows:

Article 8.5.8: Tournaments adopted in other series than the EBT (New article)

  1. If a tournament is adopted in a series of tournaments, the name of the series, the period of the series (year or season), the number of the tournament in the series and the website of the series must appear in the application form.
  2. The source of the rules of the series must also be mentioned in the form.
  3. In case of specific restrictions, limitations or special requirements for individuals (athletes, coaches or officials) taking part in a tournament adopted in a series, they must be specified and defined in the format section of the form.
  4. The rules of the series must, for each edition of the series, be finalized in due time and published by the management of the series before the entry registration is opened for the first tournament in a season of the series.

The newest release of the ETBF Constitution is available at this site under the item Organization / Constitution. Its release number is 26.