The Reykjavík International Games bowling tournament was once again held in Reykjavík, Iceland from the 20th of January until the 28th of January in the Keiluhöllin Egilshöll sports complex, this year for the first time a part of the european tour. Total of 302 entries and re-entries were bowled  during the duration of the tournament by 87 players, where of 26 were women.


After four final steps it came down to a four player carousel final on live tv. That means that all four players played one game, low score eliminated. The last three players play another game from scratch and again the low score is eliminated, then the final two players play one more game from scratch were the high score is the champion.


In the first game it was Gústaf Smári Björnsson, Iceland that was eliminated with the score of 189, Matej Vojkovsky, Czech Republic was next with 215, second was Gunnar Þór Ásgeirsson, Iceland with 221 and the leader in game one was Kenzo Bogaerts, Belgium with the score of 267.


In the second game it was Vojkovsky that was eliminated with the score of 197, Ásgeirsson was next with the score of 201 and again leading was Bogaerts with the score of 247.


Then it all came down to the final game. Again it was Bogaerts that was in control and he ended up as the winner with the score of 222 to Ásgeirsson‘s 196. This was Kenzo Bogaerts‘ first ever EBT title, congratulations Kenzo.


Olivia Clara Steinunn Lindén, Iceland was the highest ranked woman for the first time, she finished in 16th place.


The complete ranking after the third tournament can be seen here (WIll be updated 01-02-2024 in the morning): Women | Men

EBT Ranking is being moved to a new dynamic viewing system Tuesday 30-01-2024 and Wednesday 31-01-2024.