The Storm Lucky Larsen Masters 2022 came to an end 4 September with young talent from Denmark winning his 2nd EBT title…


The Storm Lucky Larsen Masters 2022 was conducted in Helsingborg, Sweden during 26 August to 4 September 2022.   Total of 486 Entries and re-entries by 219 Athletes, where of 29 were women.


After the final step 4 then the following 4 athletes were left:


Mathias Ankerdal, Denmark

James Blomgren, Sweden

Osku Palermaa, Finland

Thomas Larsen, Denmark.


In final Step 5 James Blomgren was eliminated, and in final step 6 Osku Palermaa was eliminated, so it came a battle between two Danish athletes, one seasoned athlete having been playing the pro tour vs young talent.


In the final the young talent was having the overhand and, in the end, it came down to:

Mathias Ankerdal won Thomas Larsen 245 vs 217 – This was the second EBT title for Mathias.


The highest woman became Anna Andersson, Sweden.


There were some changes in the standings in the tour ranking, Tomas Käyhkö, Finland is still leading on the men’s side, but there are now two others chasing him and are within 10 points, and Anna Andersson, Sweden has not taken over from Mai Ginge Jensen on the woman’s side.

Full ranking for men and women are here.