The Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament was once again held in Tilburg, Netherlands from the 4th of February until the 11th of February in the beautiful Dolfijn – The Plays To Be bowling centre. Total of 452 entries and re-entries were bowled during the duration of the tournament by 190 players, where of 35 were women.

After four final steps it came down to the final four players bowling two games where the highest total pinfall was the winner.

The four players were Mathias Ankerdal from Denmark, Victor Gundersen from Denmark, Paul Sullivan Purps from Germany and Juho Rissanen from Finland.

After the first game Victor was in the lead with a 258 game, Purps had the score of 224, Ankerdal had the score of 215 and in 4th place was Rissanen with the score of 183.

It all came down to the 10th frame in the second game where three players had the chance to win the tournament, Purps needed a double in the 10th frame but only got a 9 on his first shot and in the end finished with the score of 437. That meant that if Victor Gundersen would double he would win the tournament, however he only got the first strike and then got a 9 in the second shot which meant he ended on the score of 438.

Last one to step up was Mathias Ankerdal who knew that a double in the 10th would win him the tournament. He got the first strike but unfortunately for him, he only got 7 on the second shot.

In the end this was the final standings

Victor Gundersen – 438

Paul Sullivan Purps – 437

Mathias Ankerdal – 431

Juho Rissanen – 398


This is Gundersen‘s first win on the European Tour, congratulations Victor!

Nicole Sanders, Netherlands was the highest ranked woman, she finished in 14th place.

The complete ranking after the fourth tournament can be seen here: Women | Men