The Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament was once again held in Tilburg, Netherlands from the 4th of February until the 11th of February in the beautiful Dolfijn – The Plays To Be bowling centre. Total of 452 entries and re-entries were bowled during the duration of the tournament by 190 players, where of 35 were women.

After four final steps it came down to the final four players bowling two games where the highest total pinfall was the winner.

The four players were Mathias Ankerdal from Denmark, Victor Gundersen from Denmark, Paul Sullivan Purps from Germany and Juho Rissanen from Finland.

After the first game Victor was in the lead with a 258 game, Purps had the score of 224, Ankerdal had the score of 215 and in 4th place was Rissanen with the score of 183.

It all came down to the 10th frame in the second game where three players had the chance to win the tournament, Purps needed a double in the 10th frame but only got a 9 on his first shot and in the end finished with the score of 437. That meant that if Victor Gundersen would double he would win the tournament, however he only got the first strike and then got a 9 in the second shot which meant he ended on the score of 438.

Last one to step up was Mathias Ankerdal who knew that a double in the 10th would win him the tournament. He got the first strike but unfortunately for him, he only got 7 on the second shot.

In the end this was the final standings

Victor Gundersen – 438

Paul Sullivan Purps – 437

Mathias Ankerdal – 431

Juho Rissanen – 398


This is Gundersen‘s first win on the European Tour, congratulations Victor!

Nicole Sanders, Netherlands was the highest ranked woman, she finished in 14th place.

The complete ranking after the fourth tournament can be seen here: Women | Men

The Motiv AIK International Tournament 2024 was once again conducted in the great Bowl-O-Rama bowling centre in Stockholm and it was the first EBT stop of the 2024 season. It was conducted from the 26th of December 2023 until the 7th of January 2024. Total of 879 entries and re-entries were bowled during the duration of the tournament by 335 players, where of 68 were women.


After three final steps it came down to a three person stepladder final.


In the first match it was Daphne Tan from Singapore against Alex Joki from Sweden. Joki was the winner with the score 279 against Tan‘s 209.


In the final match it was again Alex Joki but this time he faced off against Luukas Väänänen from Finland who had been a standout leader throughout the day. But in the final it was all Joki who followed up the 279 with a 277 against Väänänen‘s 242.


This was Joki‘s first EBT title, congratulations Alex.


The highest ranked woman was as earlier mentioned Daphne Tan of Singapore who finished 3rd in the tournament.


The complete ranking after the first tournament can be seen here: Women | Men 


After three final steps it was all down to 4 players, Joakim West from Sweden, Kevin Melin from Sweden, Mathias Otting from Norway and Jesper Svensson from Sweden.


They all played one game and the lowest score was eliminated, after the first game it was Mathias Otting that was eliminated with the score of 178 and a 4th place finish for Mathias.


In the next game, Kevin Melin had the low score of 208 and therefore a 3rd place finish for Kevin.


That meant that in the finals it was Jesper Svensson against Joakim West. In the end it was a win for Jesper with the score of 207 against Joakim‘s 165. This was Jesper‘s 2nd win on the tour this season and his 10th overall title. Congratulations Jesper!


The highest ranked woman in the tournament was Nora Johansson from Sweden, who finished in 8th place overall.


After the tournament the top 8 in the EBT rankings have been confirmed. Emma Halttunen from Sweden was the only change in the women‘s top 8 list.


In the men‘s rankings there were also some changes, with his win in Mora, Jesper Svensson managed to take the final spot in the top 8 with less than 10 points more than Robin Ilhammar from Sweden


The complete ranking can be seen here: Women | Men


Now the EBT2024 will start in about weeks time, first tournament on the tour, The MOTIV AIK Intl. Tournament will start in Stockholm, SE on the 26 December 2023!


The IX Brunswick Madrid Challenge 2023 was conducted in Madrid, Spain, 15-23 July 2023. Total of 374 Entries and re-entries were bowled during the week by 138 athletes, where of 15 were women.


After 4 final steps it was down to 3 athletes to play stepladder for the win.

Gregory Rius, France made 234 agains 176 from Niko Oksanen, Finland.

And then for the final:

Ben Robinson, England made 267 vs 237 from Gregory Rius, France.


This was the second win from Ben Robinson on the EBT this year.

The highest woman became Essi Pakarinen, Finland


There have been no changes on the top of the Womens ranking, Essi Pakarinen, Finland is on top and Anna Andersen and Nora Johanson from Sweden, are following.

On the Mens ranking then Kim Bolleby, Sweden has taken healthy lead, more than 300 points more than second place from Mathias Ankerdal, Denmark and now Ben Robinson, England has moved to 3rd place.

The complete ranking can be seen here: Women | Men

The host of the Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel tournament in Tilburg, NL has decided to cancel the 2021 version of the tournament due to restrictions due to COVID-19

The Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel tournament is however firm in been part of the EBT 2022 and to be coming back stronger during 20-27m February 2022

The 32nd Irish Open Championships in association with Storm, 900 Global and 3G shoes, was conducted in Stillorgan Bowl, Ireland during 12-19 January 2020; total of 418 entries by 176 athletes were bowled during the week.

After the two groups of 12-person round robin then top 3 from each group went into the final steps and battled out for the victory as follows:

In the semifinals then we saw the following athletes battle for the win – score over 2 games total pinfall:

Nicola Pongoline vs Teemu Pukisto  472-450

Jonas Dammen vs Alessandro Santu 448-423

And in the final:

Nicola Pongolini vs Jonas Dammen (184+247) 431-400 (231+169)

This was the first win for Nicola Pongolini  on the European Bowling Tour.

Highest ranked woman became Carol Catchpole, Ireland.

After Irish Open, then we did not see any changes in the leadership of the tour.


Mens ranking can be seen here

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